Jewish Telegraph, April 2013

AUSCHWITZ has been the subject of countless films, books, plays and songs.
But one musician actually wrote his group’s latest album during a visit to the notorious Nazi death camp.
And even before its release on Monday, Sonderkommando (Candlelight Records) by black metal band The Meads of Asphodel…

Jewish Telegraph, November 2021

SUPERSTAR Ed Sheeran has been singing the praises of Ben Kweller, pictured left, for a number of years.
And he is now also singing the words of Jewish musician Kweller.
Sheeran’s new album, = (Equals), features the song Collide, which was co-written with Kweller.
@teddysphotos (Sheeran’s Instagram name) and…

Jewish Telegraph, June 2006

SINGER Bruce Cockburn contacted the Jewish Telegraph this week to put the record straight about his new album.
Last week, we reported that the Canadian performer had included the track Jerusalem Poker on his forthcoming album Life Short Call Now (Cooking Vinyl).
“It’s named after a novel from…

Jewish Telegraph, June 2006

LABEL BOSSES: Matt, left, and Ollie Jacob

MATT Jacob is getting nervous about the majors sniffing around his independent record label.
Matt and his brother Ollie, 30, launched Memphis Industries in 1998 as a part-time project. They only went full-time last year.
“Ollie was recording music and thought it would be a way of getting…

Jewish Telegraph, March 2006

ISRAELI heavy metal band Orphaned Land should definitely be made ambassadors for peace.
The rockers, who play in England for the first time this week, are huge in Arab countries . . . and even had a neo-Nazi headbanging to their tune.
Singer Kobi Farhi explains: “In Mexico…

Jewish Telegraph, April 2006

WHEN Debora Cohen started taking guitar lessons at the age of 16, it was just to give her something to do.
Nine years later she is on a world tour with hotly-tipped Canadian group The Organ.
“I took guitar lessons along with a cousin because there was nothing…

Jewish Telegraph, April 2006

RAP group The Beastie Boys were stunned at the discussion surrounding their religious backgrounds when they first toured the UK.
The trio — Adam Yauch (MCA), Adam Horovitz (Adrock) and Mike Diamond (Mike D) — stormed the UK in the late 1980s with debut album License to…

Jewish Telegraph, April 2006

WHEN Todd Weinstock first started taking his music seriously, there were a lot of Christian rock bands around.
In response, the New Yorker got together with some of his Jewish friends to form Sons of Abraham.
And what started as a joke soon took off as they signed…

Jewish Telegraph, May 2006


MUSIC pioneer Philippe Cohen Solal was expecting a negative reaction when he first mixed tango with electronic music.
But more than one million album sales later, he has been amazed by the reaction.
Parisian Philippe is one-third of Gotan Project. In 2001, they released their debut album La…

Mike Cohen

Jewish Telegraph deputy editor and arts editor. Email with your Jewish arts stories

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