Jewish Telegraph, September 2006

ROCK star Chuck E Weiss says he has not felt strong enough to visit New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city last year.
But he wants to play his part in rebuilding the beleaguered city which has a special place in his heart.
Chuck — whose latest album 23rd & Stout has just been released by Cooking Vinyl — was recruited by Italian producer Fabian Jolivet for the Congo Street Project.
The album will be in aid of New Orleans musicians. Chuck, who is a drummer by trade, is joined by a host of other drummers including Cougar…

Jewish Telegraph, March 2004

STAR QUALITY: Walter honours Barbra Streisand at a UJA dinner

WALTER Yetnikoff admits that he’s only alive by the ‘‘grace of Heshie’’.
Throughout the 1980s, Yetnikoff ruled the music business as the head of CBS Records. But his success had a price — he was an alcoholic, drug-taking womaniser.
He chronicles his rise and fall in Howling At The Moon: Confessions of a Music Mogul in an Age of Excess (Abacus, £12.99), a brutal honest and entertaining account of a man ready to self-destruct.
‘‘The genesis of the project was in 1988 when I met Jackie Kennedy,’’ Walter says. He describes the incident in great sexual detail in the…

Jewish Telegraph, August 2021

THE genius of Leslie West is celebrated in two multi-disc CD sets.
Voiceprint is releasing the three-CD set Five Originals and the four-CD Got Live today
Born Leslie Weinstein in New York City in 1945, the larger-than-life character led classic rock band Mountain as well as releasing solo albums and performing with Jack Bruce and Corky Laing.
West, who died in December, suffered from many medical conditions, including diabetes, which resulted in him having his right leg amputated. He also survived bladder cancer.
Five Originals features five full length albums, including The Great Fatsby, which features High Roller, co-written with…

Jewish Telegraph, August 2021

ISRAELI pop star Louise Kahn has released her debut solo single, Water in Water.
Kahn made her name as leader of Israeli electro band Terry Poison in the early 2000s.
Their self-titled debut album featured three singles which topped the national radio charts.
Two years after releasing Buzz on the Bell in 2007, the group — Kahn (vocals, guitar), Gili Sa’ar (bass, keyboard), Petite Meller (keyboards, French vocals) and Anna Landesman (guitar) — opened for Depeche Mode at Ramat Gan Stadium.
Terry Poison split up six years ago — a year after Kahn had moved to Santa Teresa in Costa Rica.
Kahn invited Santa Teresa locals to appear in the video for Water in Water as body-painted members of her posse representing the land’s mythical energy.
Watch the video for Water in Water at

Jewish Telegraph. August 2021

IT took Billie Eilish just two words to prove that anti-Zionism really is antisemitism.
The 19-year-old pop star recorded a number of promo videos for her new album, Happier Than Ever, to promote it in different countries around the world.
But starting the video aimed at fans in the Jewish state by saying “Hi Israel” prompted an outpouring of antisemitism.
Some Twitter users accused Eilish of outing herself as a Zionist, while others said she supported the murder of babies. The words ‘apartheid’ and ‘Israhell’ were also bandied about.
This treatment does not happen to any other country. As an…

Jewish Telegraph, August 2001

THE time of my telephone interview with Larry Adler had nothing to do with me. His publicity company, eager to promote the CD The Glory of Gershwin, had dictated what time I had to ring the harmonica maestro. Yet, it didn’t stop the then 80-year-old from giving me a tongue-lashing for interrupting his viewing of the Wimbledon ladies singles semi-finals.
In the interview, he spoke of his admiration for legendary comedian/actor George Burns, saying: ‘‘I will never retire, I’ll die.’’
Sadly, Adler’s prediction came true on Tuesday morning as he passed away at London’s St Thomas’s Hospital, aged…

Jewish Telegraph, July 23, 2021

THE death of Amy Winehouse 10 years ago today affected me differently from most celebrity deaths.
For example, when Tom Petty, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Lemmy, Neil Peart etc died, I spent the next week listening incessantly to their music.
But when Amy died at the age of 27, I found it difficult to listen to either of her albums for a long time.
In fact, it’s only in the last year that I’ve been able to listen to Back to Black all the way through since before she died.
As sad as the deaths of the other musicians…

Jewish Telegraph, July 2021

SINGER-songwriter Dean Friedman obviously doesn’t agree with the British Government’s announcement that face masks shouldn’t be compulsory after July 19.
The American has a song on his forthcoming album, American Lullaby, called Wear a Mask.
Lyrics include: “We all long for the day this awful scourge will pass, and the virus will be gone without a trace. Until that day, don’t be an ass! Keep that mask upon your face.”
American Lullaby — released on August 27 on Friedman’s Real Life Records label — touches on a broad range of topics, including looming environmental disaster, racism, sexism and an…

Jewish Telegraph, July 2021

NASHVILLE-based singer-songwriter Emily Groff has released a new EP called Breathe (Kosher Style Records).
Among her all-female band is Katy Perry-guitarist Devon Eisenbarger.
The title track was inspired by Emily’s struggle in dealing with performance anxiety.
Other tracks feature her unique interpretations of Jewish liturgy including Hashkiveinu, Ahavat Olam, Shiru Ladonai and Lo Yisa Goy.
Born and raised in Miami Beach, Groff moved to Nashville in 2015 to pursue Bachelor and Master degrees in music education from Vanderbilt University.
“Growing up in Miami Beach had a huge effect on so much of who I am,” she said.
“Between street…

Jewish Telegraph, July 2021

LOVING SON: Geddy Lee posted this picture on Instagram in May with his mother. He wrote: “Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom, Mary! Pushing 96 and still rockin’ out! And she just got vaccinated too! May she be around for many more!”

RUSH frontman Geddy Lee’s mother, Mary Weinrib, died earlier this month in Toronto, just a few weeks shy of her 96th birthday.
The Holocaust survivor was well-known to Rush fans through her appearance in the 2010 documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage and, more recently, Dave and Virginia Grohl’s From Cradle to Stage docu-series.
Mary was born Manya (Malka) Rubinstein in 1925 in Warsaw and grew up in Wierzbnik, a shtetl that was part of Starachowice, Poland.
She endured the labour camp at the munitions factory in Starachowice and then in Auschwitz, where she met and fell…

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