Jewish Telegraph, October 1999

THE Rosenbergs: David Fagin watches over, from left, Evan Silverman, Travis Huff
and Bobby Gilmartin

THEY may bear the brunt of many jokes, but you cannot knock Jewish mothers. Just ask rock group The Rosenbergs.
Singer-guitarist David Fagin revealed that the band would probably not exist were it not for bassist Evan Silverman’s mother.
‘‘She is wonderful,’’ David said. ‘‘Evan answered an advert…

Jewish Telegraph, December 2021

STEPHEN Sondheim’s death on Friday led to an outpouring of grief from stars of Broadway and the West End.
Theatres in New York and London dimmed their lights for two minutes in tribute to 91-year-old Sondheim on Sunday, while thousands packed Broadway earlier that day for a…

Jewish Telegraph, November 2021

EXTREME metal band The Meads of Asphodel have re-issued their controversial 2013 album Sonderkommando.
The album features new artwork by frontman Metatron, which he originally sketched at Auschwitz. The original cover featured a body being taken for cremation.
Metatron wrote the lyrics to the album actually at Auschwitz.

Jewish Telegraph, November 2021

MICHAEL C Hall is recognisable to UK television viewers for his roles in Six Feet Under and Dexter.
Four years ago, though, he put on his best English accent to make Netflix series Safe.
Filmed in Manchester, Liverpool, and Cheshire, the eight-part series — which was screened in…

Jewish Telegraph, November 2021

PRINCESS GOES TO THE BUTTERFLY MUSEUM: From left, Peter Yanowitz, Michael C Hall and Matt Katz-Bohen PICTURE: Paul Storey

MICHAEL C Hall is used to making a killing as serial killer with morals Dexter Morgan. But he’s now hoping to make a killing in the music business.
The intriguingly-named Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum sees Michael team up with music veterans Peter Yanowitz, who grew…

Jewish Telegraph, April 2013

AUSCHWITZ has been the subject of countless films, books, plays and songs.
But one musician actually wrote his group’s latest album during a visit to the notorious Nazi death camp.
And even before its release on Monday, Sonderkommando (Candlelight Records) by black metal band The Meads of Asphodel…

Mike Cohen

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