Adam sets up ‘bass’ in Israel

Jewish Telegraph, January 2003

THRASH metal band Labrat may come across aggressively on CD, but the five members are quite apprehensive about a forthcoming tour of Israel.
The two-date trip has been arranged by bassist Adam Sagir, whose family come from Israel.
‘‘I was born in England, but my father is from Ramat Gan,’’ Adam said. ‘‘He came to England some 30 years ago. We have a lot of family over there, so I try to go at least once a year.’’
Adam adds: ‘‘It wasn’t easy to talk the rest of the band into going. But we want to do something that not many other bands have done.
‘‘They all know I love Israel and I’m always going on about it.’’
Labrat, who also include Nathan Perrier (drums), Steve Le Voguer (guitars), Jamie Farrell (vocals) and Martin Ives (vocals), will be performing at the Heineken Habima Club in Tel Aviv on February 1 and Jerusalem’s Yellow Submarine the following night.
‘‘The venues hold around 300 people each,’’ Adam said. ‘‘I don’t know anything about the Israel rock scene, although I have heard a couple of local bands.’’
Top rock magazine Metal Hammer will be accompanying Labrat to Israel and have promised to feature the trip on the front cover along with an article.
‘‘We told the editor we were planning to go to Israel and he said it sounded like a good feature,’’ Adam added. ‘‘We didn’t expect anymore of it. But when we finalised the details of the dates he offered us the feature.’’
Labrat have been going for around five years. They released their first album, Ruining It For Everyone (Visible Noise) last year. This followed Homegrown Brutality; a CD released in collaboration with Subvert during their co-headline tour in the summer of 2000.
It’s been a busy last year for Labrat. They embarked on five tours of Britain including three tours supporting groups like Beserker, Skinlab and God Forbid.
‘‘We are stealing other people’s audiences,’’ Adam joked. ‘‘If we come back from Israel in one piece, we will be going on a six week European tour.’’
Ruining It For Everyone will be given an American release in April and ‘‘after that we will start work on our second album,’’he said.
Adam admits that he is ‘‘not in any way religious, but my father likes to keep the Jewish spirit alive.
‘‘People should either keep it all or do nothing.’’
He is also the only member of Labrat without any tattoos.
‘‘My dad would disown me if I got a tattoo.’’