Israelis may cancel tour

Mike Cohen
1 min readNov 20, 2023

Jewish Telegraph, November 2023

ISRAELI rock band Orphaned Land have announced that they might have to postpone their forthcoming European tour.
Guitarist Chen Balbus wrote on Facebook yesterday that there is concern for their safety.
The group are due to release live album A Heaven You May Create on December 1 to celebrate their 30th anniversary, followed by the tour — which included dates in Manchester and London — in January.
Chen wrote that a number of fans had unfollowed them on social media after the Hamas massacre of October 7 because they showed support for Israel.
They are still hoping to play their annual Chanukah concert in Israel next month.
“Every year this show is a bomb of energy and light after a tiring year and this year we feel it is necessary more than ever to raise morale, sanity and light,” he said, adding that they hope to stream the concert worldwide.
“We’ll end the show with singing Hatikva.”
Orphaned Land have won awards for their peace efforts and have toured with Palestinian band Khalas.
Before the current conflict, Orphaned Land — led by singer Kobi Farhi — had fans throughout the Middle East.



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