Kenny has more words of Wisdom

Jewish Telegraph, June 2000
FOUR years after the release of I’m A Jew, Kenny Wisdom’s The Long Decline are back with a new album, Wisdomism.
Birmingham-born Kenny wrote I’m A Jew, which incorporated parts of the Hatikva, after telling a friend he felt more Jewish than English.
Melody Maker called the folk acoustic song ‘‘the most punk rock record of the week’’.
On Wisdomism, Kenny is joined by cult legend Vic Godard, founder of the Subway Sect.
While the album doesn’t feature anything like I’m A Jew, there is Back To Death which deals with Jewish refugees.
On a lighter note is Beat It Boys — a Beach Boys pastiche.
‘‘I’m A Jew was so unique that I didn’t want to try and repeat it,’’ Kenny said.
Wisdomism is also being given an American release.
Kenny’s next project is to record Lonely Sea for a Beach Boys tribute album called Sound Pets.
Producer is bidding for some ‘Soul’ recognition
MUSIC producer Ken Feldman has swapped his seat behind the mixing desk for a place in the recording studio.
Ken, of Long Island, has worked on records by Carly Simon, Spacehog and The Violent Femmes, but he has just released his debut EP, Soul Surfing (Malkin Records).
A former member of the Union of Synagogue Youth, Ken wrote the songs for the EP over a period of 15 years.


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